Few useful information regarding the apartment located in Via della Scala 17, unit 1A.

To open the door of the flat use the long Key. When you leave the flat close the door manually and lock it.To get inside the flat put the long Key in the top hole and while you pull the door to you, turn the key clockwise. Do it together, pull and at the mean time turn the key.

Cover mattress is clean as well as cover pillows and towels that you will find in the bathroom.

Hot water in the apartment is always on. Cold water is good for drinking.
The TV works with black remote control.
Please when you use toilet do not trough too much toilet paper otherwise the tube could result occluded and I have to all a plumber!
In the wardrobe there are also additional hangers.
In the kitchen you will find anything you will need for cook.

The flat is provided by free internet access, to log in find the name of the router on your iphone/android (Fastweb)and the password located on the back side of the CD situated in the wardrobe of the living room.
In case that the electric system overload and the electricity turn it off by itself. Do not panic because you have to turn off one of the item and pull up the lift of the electric picture located on the right of the entrance door. The general is located inside the brown wood on the top of the electric meter.
All the rules about garbage are advertised on the back side of the door of the building in English.
In case that you want to ring from outside the building the buzz is the last switch on the bottom left row (grey tag on it) and 1A for the second. Inside the flat you have at the entrance the phone to talk and to open the door.
When you get off the building the button for open the door is in your right hand side before the iron cage.